invoices and receipts

Issuing a sales document is very, very simple, and it only takes a moment. You have customer and service/goods data at hand. You select the payment form and date. You create a PDF file and print.

services and goods

The application will store the data related to the services you provide as well as to the goods you have at your disposal for you. You enter the name, the price – and we’re ready!


The contact details, the bank account number, the payment date, the discount granted – these are only some of the customer information which Subiekt 123 will store for you. Thanks to the connection with the GUS (Statistics Poland) database, you can quickly find the data of the companies you are cooperating with.


Thanks to a variety of lists, you can constantly control your business. The generated lists can be exported to PDF and CSV files.


You can easily generate a Standard Audit File for Tax for the sales and purchase records (SAF-T_VAT) as well as for the VAT invoices (SAF-T_Inv).


Subiekt 123 makes integration with many fiscal printers possible. Check if your device is compatible with our application.

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