invoices and receipts

Issuing an invoice or a receipt takes only a few seconds. You are using ready-made customer data as well as a list of products which were previously entered in the application. You select the payment form and date. If need be, you select the reverse charge. You can easily generate PDF files for the issued documents and send them directly to the customers. If necessary, you can also correct them.

recurring invoices

Are you regularly issuing the same invoices? You can define issuing recurring invoices for them. This way, the documents will be issued automatically, and you will not have to remember about them! And next, Subiekt 123 will also automatically send such invoices to the recipient, and a copy of them – to you.

documents in currency

Issue documents in a foreign currency. Subiekt 123 supports intra-community delivery of goods transactions (intra-Community acquisition of goods) as well as the export of goods. The program will download the current exchange rate on its own. You can also print bilingual invoices: Polish-English and Polish-German.

the customer file

Customer information is always at hand. It can easily be added, edited, and deleted. For your own convenience, you can quickly download a customer’s data from the GUS database – by doing so, you can quickly find the data of the companies you are cooperating with.

The contact details, the bank account number, the payment date, the amount of the discount granted, the description of the customer – this is only some of the information that Subiekt 123 will provide you with in your daily work.

services and goods

The application will also store the data regarding the services you provide as well as the goods you have at your disposal. You enter the name, the price – and we’re ready!

Product management will make it easier to assign them to separate, individually created groups.


Control your business. The application makes it possible to generate lists such as balance sheets, sales in a given period, sales per customer, sales per products as well as outstanding payments. You can export the lists to CSV and PDF files.

Standard Audit File for Tax

The application is adapted and prepared to handle SAF-T. It allows you to generate SAF-T_VAT (Standard Audit File for VAT sales and records) as well as SAT-F_Inv (Standard Audit File for VAT invoices).

Local Government Units

Subiekt 123 supports both companies selling to local governments units (LGUs) and those that represent LGUs.The companies selling on behalf of LGUs can easily set a different buyer and recipient in the document they are issuing.

When you are representing an LGU, you can set up a superior local government unit as the seller, and your company will appear as the issuer.

individual desktop

You can freely manage your home screen. We have created the program in such a way that you can add, move, and remove the necessary blocks. You decide if you prefer to see reminders about upcoming payments, a shortcut to issuing a receipt, or an invoice for a specific customer.

the payment schedule

You do not have to remember when you need to pay your premiums, or when the customer should pay their invoices. It is enough to correctly define the company’s operating parameters when you are starting your work with the program (e.g., how you settle your taxes), or the payment terms – or the obligations of you and your customers. The application will display the appropriate information in due time.

useful shortcuts

The dashboard is your quick action center. You can place a shortcut to the documents issued for a customer who is handled frequently, so that each time you need to handle them, you do not have to search for them on the list. Also, you can just simply add a general shortcut for issuing a receipt or an invoice. This will make your work quicker and will take the minimum time necessary.

An application that grows along with your company!

Why overpay for the things you do not need? Add more modules and functions as your business grows.


With Subiekt 123, you can easily print receipts on a fiscal printer. All you need to do is install an External Device Server, which is our trusted program, making it possible to work with, i.a., fiscal printers.


Three additional employees of the same company can use the application – each of them logs in to their individual account. Thanks to this, it is clear who issued a given document.

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